Wednesday, August 27, 2014

'Liam and Lily' (Last post)

Acrylic on Canvas 11x14
This will be my last post on the old blogspot. It's very fitting that my last post is of my most recent and, Dare I say, favorite painting. I've been meaning to make the switch for a while now as tumblr is a lot more efficient in serving as an all in one website/portfolio and daily blog. Plus a lot of my coworkers use it so, you know, when in rome!  Sigh…..we've been through some times me and you ole' blogspot. But it's time for Dusty Danny to be hitting the old dusty trail. This blogspot was responsible for my first job in my field as well as a place I came to meet a lot of my favorite artists. I won't be deleting this blogspot so I am leaving it up as a reminder of my achievements and for posterity purposes. Nah, I'm actually leaving it up because a lot of my old artwork is here, I've lost all of the originals and am too lazy to take it all down. Please follow me on tumblr and I will do the same with you's! 
(On the inter webs, I mean!)

Peace and Love,

Danny Ochoa


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