Monday, August 11, 2008

Baseball Beauties

Baseball Beauties is the brainchild of the lovely Anna Anisin. It was a privelage to be involved with such a fun project as I was given a lot of creative freedom. This cartoon is kind of an intro as to how the Idea of the website came about. (The website release party was a blast by the way!)
You can view the 'toon by clicking the link here....
  • Baseball Beauties

  • Please visit the website here....

  • A very special thanks to Will, Karl and Nick of The Greening for letting us use a piece of one of their cool new recordings! ( "Lazy Bitch")
    And a super thanks to Ryan Khatam for hosting this cartoon again.....
  • Happy Hippo

  • It is and up running on it's original posting below as well!
    Thanks for stoppin' by.
    Peace and Love,

    Danny O.


    Blogger ryan said...

    what did you use to draw the baseball beauties cartoon? a wacom?

    1:11 PM  
    Blogger Danne8a said...

    Hey, Ryan!
    I did use a Wacom tablet for all of the characters in the cartoon, but I used a line tool for all the backgrounds. ( Soft objects, brush. Solid objects, lines. )
    I still have trouble trying to emulate the brush tool to act like a real brush. ( I personally miss and love just inking with my good ole' winsor and newton and a bottle of india ink. )
    Any tips on nice solid brush strokes in flash?
    I notice that you have a really good inking method.

    Thanks for checking out the toon!


    Danny O.

    8:27 PM  
    Blogger becronaut said...

    aww well thanks. hands/fingers have always been a problem for me... so if you like em then that's an awesome compliment.

    keep up the good work danny! can't wait for your net post.

    6:55 PM  

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