Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Hey Kids!
It's that old timey cartoon star Happy Hippo starring in one of his earliest films! Check it out!

  • Gone Fishin'

  • Peace and love!

    Danny O.


    Blogger Sean Worsham said...

    HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Funny as hell Danny!!!

    7:58 PM  
    Blogger Ryan G. said...

    That was sweet Danny! I really love when he's skipping home after catching the squid. One thing I would tone down though, is that strobing effect. Other than that its awesome. Good to see you've not fallen off the planet..

    12:17 AM  
    Blogger Tyler said...

    you rule. When the whole planet moves that's

    5:44 PM  
    Blogger prolapso said...

    hahah thats amazing :D

    10:17 PM  
    Blogger ryan said...

    OH, MAN!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!


    12:49 AM  

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