Monday, August 04, 2008

Pseudo music vids!!!!

Hello, Hello!

Finally after long last a new post. Again, sorry for being soooo darn sporadic with these darn cartoon thingers.
It has been such a while since I updated my blog that I didn't even notice how much disrepair it fell into.
I fixed all the birthdayalarm links and can assure you that the Happy Hippo cartoon "Gone Fishing" will be up and running again as soon as I can find a server.
Anywhodilly doodle, I will be mega busy in the upcoming months ahead working with local S.F. band 'THE GREENING' on there kick ass music video! Yay! I will be posting progress as it comes along to all of you wonderful peeps.

Untill then, Please enjoy two pseudo music vids I did for birthdayalarm earlier this year.
My good pal Annie Z. did the music for the cute girl cartoon below.

  • You and Me

  • Dance!

  • Peace and love,



    Blogger becronaut said...

    those are some awesome silhouettes you've got there.

    12:52 AM  
    Blogger Danne8a said...

    Thanks, Becs.
    That means a lot coming from a talented artist such as yourself.

    10:22 AM  
    Blogger ryan said...

    nice animations, why don't you put your masturbation cartoon on youtube?? and i'll host your hippo cartoon if you'd like me too.

    are you working on any personal projects? that hippo one seriously kicked ass. i'd really love to see more awesome cartoony animations from you!

    11:24 AM  
    Blogger Danne8a said...

    Thanks, Ryan!
    I'm one of your biggest fans!

    11:08 PM  
    Blogger Em said...

    hey danny,

    you are an amazing artist! keep up the good work! hee..

    1:49 AM  

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