Monday, November 21, 2011

Don't Have The Time, Duke and a Word

Hey Hey Hey!

To everybody who still
visits my blog I thank you
all so much for your support.

Feel bad for not updating this thing as
often as I do, It's in no way an indication
of laziness, just forgetfulness.
That being said, this year has been one
of the busiest I have ever had in terms
of having nothing but work on my plate.

I recently relocated back to my home town,
Los Angeles, from San Francisco. (Where I have
spent a good portion of the last decade.) Gosh
I miss S.F. The people, the weather, the conversations,
the spots. L.A. is....well, L.A.

I'll say one good thing about L.A. (I should at least say
one good thing.) There certainly is not a lack of work here. Especially
for what I do...animation. The amount of people in the L.A. area trying to
"make it" per square inch is ridiculous. They all need animators for their
silly pilots that most likely will go nowhere. But,hey, That doesn't bother me.
Most of them are willing to pay me to get there silly, little projects of the ground.

Out of the entire flock of pilots for wannabe prime time shows I've worked on this
year, Duke, Is my favorite. Take a look if you have a moment. Makes me chuckle........................

  • Duke The Cartoon

  • Another project finished this
    year that I was quite proud of was my
    second music video for San Francisco band "The Greening".
    A tremendous debt is owed to these guys because they are
    one of the few people who will give me a project that I have
    complete creative control over.
    The video took me a year to animate as I worked on it at a
    "On again, Off again" basis.
    The story is inspired by a flaming lips song. Whoever guesses which one gets
    a gold sticker!

    Suffice it to say, Everytime I hear that song I always saw this little vision
    in my head................

    Hope you enjoy it.
    I will try to blog a bit more often now that I have a few weeks to breath between

    Thanks for stopping by!