Friday, June 23, 2006

"The Problem"

I don't think it's cool that I have not been kind enough to update my blog and share some more art with you guys. All of my other super cool blogger friends are super rad cuz they update pretty moderately ( Shawn, Chloe, Gabriel...)
By the way, I just want to say again how greatful I am to all of you guys that you come and visit my site and give me such great words of encouragement.
It means a helluva lot to me to get such great feedback from such wonderfully talented artists such as yourselves.
Thats one of the great things I love about the whole community based artist thing, it means a lot to me!
I have been quite busy lately working on a short film for the past half year that is nearing completion that I plan on submitting to the Spike and Mike sick and twisted festival of animation.
The film is called "The Problem" and I tried to upload a couple of pencil tests onto Youtube to link to my site, but some of them I guess are a little too PG-13 for their terms of use because they were flagged and deleted!!!!!
So, here is the least offensive still from the cartoon just to give you a little heads up on what it will be about....

I can assure you all that it won' be as tasteless as this pic entails it will be...Heheheh.
I looked at a lot of old Rod Scribner animation from Clampett cartoons as mega inspiration.
Last night I completed the most complicated piece of animation from the whole damn picture and am just 3 scenes away from finishing up.
As soon as it is up I will make sure all of you guys get a chance to check it out!
By the way, does anybody out there know of any other sites besides YouTube that Provide free hosting for Videos?
If anybody knows please let me know!!!!