Sunday, July 23, 2006

Caricatures and Comic Con!

Comic con was the best that I have ever been to! I got to meet John K. and he drew this really super cool caricature of me! Hooray!!!!

This picture of me was sooo hilarious that me and my wife were laughing at it all day. He really got the likeness of my overall grotesqueness down packed and he drew it like in a minute. I especially love the goofy eyes, teeth and cheeks.
I also got to meet Marlo and Katie who were super nice enough to draw me some cool pictures on the Inside sleeve of the Adult Party Cartoon DVD...

It's very cool to see different artists' take on the same person.
incidentally, this is the way I usually draw myself:

I love Marlo's lineweights. and quickness with lines.
I love John's ability to bring out the creepyness in his caricatures!
How does he do it? HOW????
The whole Spumco crew were super nice enough to sign and doodle for everybody and the experience was just plain surreal to me.
AND the Adult Party Cartoon is great! Anyone who doesn't have a copy I suggest you run out and Buy one right now!
THANKS GUYS!!! You made my Millenium!!!