Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Guzman Show


To all who still visit my blog, thank you!
I finally have a free week from my busy work schedule
so I figured I would take some time to talk a bit about The Guzman Show.....

The Guzman Show

I joined the team at The Guzman Show late last year as lead animator and I couldn't be happier
with my gig. The team is awesome and it is a real treat to work with them.

Here is the redesign I did for one of my favorite characters from the show, Tio Lucho.
The show is about the misadventures of a mexican family who win the lottery and end up moving to beverly hills. Some have described it as 'A Mexican Family Guy' or ' A Mexican Beverly Hillbillies.' I personally like to think of it as a 'Latin Looney Tunes'. :)

My design for the hopelessly hopeless ESL/Lamaze teacher, Mr. Thai Wong

With the addition of animation legend Ken Michroney as director, I feel that the show has come to a new level of excellence. Ken is somewhat of a hero of mine and has worked with all of the great's in the industry having worked at Pixar, Warner Bros. and Disney. He has taught me so much in the past month that I will keep with me for years. Working with him has become fun and educational for the most part. Thankfully, he's never annoyed when I ask him questions about what it was like to know and work with Tex Avery, Bob Clampett, Friz Freleng and other greats from the golden age of animation. Hopeless fanboy right here, Oh boy!

Please check out some of his stuff. He's a fantastic draftsman!

The show has gotten some flack for being politically incorrect to mexicans, Which is ironic because most of us on the team are of latin/mexican descent. Special shout out to Erica, Jesus and Jessi for being so awesome! Here is the first episode of the second season, which is doing surprisingly well online. If you love (or hate) Kim Kardashian than this is the episode for you.

Thanks for stoppin on by!