Thursday, February 09, 2012

Mad For Mad!

To all who still visit this Blog I thank you all so much for the support!
I don't get a chance to post as much as I used to because I recently got
a sweet gig animating music videos for EMI records.
Wish I could post some stuff I have been working on but had to sign
NDA's (Non-Disclosure Agreement's) as per usual!
That being said, here's a little post I've been wanting to do about one
of my favorite inspirations as a cartoonist...Mad Magazine!

Mad was something that me and every other kid on my block grew up reading.
It was essential reading because it was one of the few publications that taught you to be cynical and see through all the other everyday bullshit in pop culture, Politics and Religion that other people seemed to turn a blind eye to.
I aspired to be just as good as my favorite cartoonists and caricaturists and work for Mad, ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper.
Never got there, sad to say, but I'd love to share with you my personal favorite caricaturists of the renowned, Raunchy Rag!

Mort Drucker

Mort is just an all around great caricaturist. He was always put in charge of Mads best movie satires. He has the perfect blend of exaggeration and spot on likeness to any one of his subjects! Here's one of my favorite panels from his spoof of Star Trek:
The Next Generation

Sam Viviano

I always looked forward to seeing sam's work in any particular issue. He was the master of crowd scenes and was infamous for always giving his subjects particularly large Jaws!

Just looking at his drawings always made me laugh. Wish I had more of his art to post. Man, what a cartoonist! Looking at his drawings, you always knew they were his creatures!

Drew Friedman

My all time favorite caricaturist from Mad has definitely got to be the one and only Drew Friedman! He had this great stippling style in his inking technique that gave his drawings a photo realistic, cartoony and creepy look all at the same time!

It's always kind of fun trying to emulate these guys' styles. But it definitely keeps giving me the incentive to keep fine tuning my own!

Thanks for stopping by!