Tuesday, March 20, 2007


You're sooooo right, Ryan!
I don't post enough!
Yah, I guess I have been a little slow with the posts.
Hmmmmm, welp, I have been working on some freelance projects inbetween being a wage slave at Starbizzo.
Actually it's funny, I have been working on some Flash stuff a lot lately and it is super fun!
David Gemmill was super kind enough to send me some tutorials that helped me tremendously.
(Ryan Khatam and David Gemmill are the best flash animators around in my opinion.)
Anywho, here is a still from an E Greeting card I did for BirthdayAlarm.com

I had to make two of them and I totally had to pull them out of my ass because of time constraints.
Here is a link to the two I worked on......

  • Party Animal

  • Have A Blast

  • Please excuse the overall shitiness of these cards, I was under a very tight deadline.

    A shiny gold star to whoever can guess which of the two cards I haphazardly finished in one afternoon!

    Peace and love to you all!!!